Leave the bottle full for others

Reading Marks quote encouraged me to relay a story to you.

If your lucky enough


I agree with Kevin, – If you’re doing well then help others to do well too.
I guess it’s easy to think “Yep! I’ll do that, when I’ve made it.”
Nothing wrong with that, but what about now, what can I do now, I don’t have spare cash. I don’t have influence, what can I do now?


A little over 30 years ago I was working (as a young fella) out in the back of NSW.
I was working with a shearing team contracted to work at a large station. A 15 stand shed, with 30,000 sheep to be shorn over the 6 weeks by a rather large team of about 30 men.

One Friday night some of us had gone into Hilston for a drink at the RSL.
It was a quiet night in a quiet town.
I was washing my hands in the bathroom at the same time as a middle aged shearer.

He called out to me as I went to walk out the door.

“Hey leave some water for the other guy.”

His tone was guiding and friendly, but I was confused.

“The paper towel.” he said “When you tear it off, make sure there’s some for the next bloke. It’s just like that song about the pump in the desert”

He proceeded to tell me about the song. About how for a pump to work it has to be primed, that if you don’t have water to replace the air you won’t be able to pump water. It could be life and death for anyone needing water in the desert.

It’s about thinking about the next fella. Being aware that someone else will come this way and need things too. We don’t need to know them, we just know they will be along.

That simple little moment of sharing has stayed with me ever since, never far from the surface, bubbling; “Have you left some water?”

It might be for the nameless person following after, that I restock the paper towel for, put paper in the copier for, wipe down the kitchen bench for. But equally it could be knowing that you have a little happiness to share, a smile.
It could be knowing others might be a little low on tolerance or patience for the moment, that’s ok, I can spare a little of mine.

It’s the power of one good deed

It’s easy to focus on what we need to get done, whether it’s the shopping, the lesson, the destination, but on the way there are many times to remember that others might be lifted by something we do, something we say.


I’ll ever be grateful for a man who took the time, took the risk and reminds me to ask myself…..

Can I leave some water?


A couple of verses from Desert Pete…..

“You’ve got to prime the pump. You must have faith and believe. 
You’ve got to give of yourself ‘fore you’re worthy to receive.
Drink all the water you can hold. Wash your face to your feet. 
Leave the bottle full for others. Thank you kindly, Desert Pete.

Yeah, you’ll have to prime the pump, work that handle like there’s a fire. 
Under the rock you’ll find some water left there in a bitter’s jar. 
Now there’s just enough to prime it with, so don’t you go drinkin’ first. 
Just pour it in and pump like mad and, buddy, you’ll quench your thirst.”

Desert Pete – Billy Edward Wheeler




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