Why I write

I’ve never considered myself a writer, for me writing was purely functional.
I’d write shopping list, I’d do essays for school and job applications, but writing for pleasure? In the old days, long before we thought of mails as being ‘snail mail’, I’d write letters for fun. I’d use it as a way to communicate with friends, part entertainment, part relationship building.
I wonder if blogging is a little like that for me (now I even get to keep a copy of the ‘letter’ I’ve written).
Do we think of things as being binary, maybe more then we should? I’m a writer or I’m not. Maybe if we can write we are all writers, given the right circumstances.

I seem to have this desire to share thoughts and ideas. I’m not sure that I’m imparting wisdom and knowledge, or if it’s helpful for others, but what if it makes a difference? What if it’s slightly helpful in some way? Well, for me that would be an added bonus and the point of posting them in a public arena.

So here’s to hoping someone out there finds my writing useful in some way 🙂


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